Meet our Team

“Huahine Pearl Farm” is a small family business. Our team is like a big family we work together in the fun and happy Polynesian way of life.

We will be delighted to share with you the magic of our work and breathtaking spot.

Owner of the Huahine Pearl Farm and Pottery

Peter, the owner

Peter, the owner, has been passionately making pottery now for 50 years since he was 13 years old, and pearl farming for over 25 years.

He is the designer and co- owner of the “Lapita Hotel”, a living museum on the island of Huahine.


Peter’s son, Manutea, has been decorating pottery for almost 30 years as well as working on the pearl farm, making jewelry and sales in the boutique. Manutea decorates many of the larger pieces of pottery with different Polynesian tattoo motifs, using different techniques he has learned over the years.

His first passion in life is canoe paddling, and he is one of the all-time champions of the Polynesian national sport.


Manutea’s wife, Candy (mother of their two children) organizes the boutique and makes much of the beautiful handcrafted jewelry.  Her specialty is working with “Keishi”, the small natural shaped pearls. Candy will welcome you to the Pearl Farm and pottery gallery, and will share with you all of our magic and secrets of pearl farming and our pottery…


Vainitea works in the boutique and creates a whole line of unique jewelry specializing in gold filled and silver. She is often present to share with visitors the secrets of pearl farming and pottery….


Alfred is the right-hand man for the Pearl Farm and Pottery. He is truly multi-talented and works as a captain of the motor outrigger, potter and a grafter for over 25 years. You will often be greeted by Alfred at the marina before he brings you to the farm for a visit.


Beco is another captain of our motor outrigger, who will bring you to the pearl farm for a visit. You may see him decorating pottery when you arrive at the marina while he’s waiting for guest to arrive. His decorations are very intricate Polynesian tattoo designs.

All of our staff welcomes you to Huahine Pearl Farm and Pottery.