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Potteries drying in the studio

The pottery studio is on a private beach

The pottery studio is situated right on the beach of a motu in Faie. Access is limited to boats only. This creates a peaceful environment for the eight families that work together to make pottery and farm pearls.

Our Pottery Collection

Admire a wide range of our pottery made with different techniques and glazed with our famous Huahine glazes found at a depth of 90 feet at the bottom of the lagoon while pearl farming.

A poter’s dream

Peter Owen started doing pottery in 1970 and his son Manutea has been decorating since 1992. Peter had the chance of meeting Tsukamoto a Japanese potter who won the grand prize of ceramics in Japan. After exchanging pots at a show in Japan Tsukamoto came to Huahine and shared a few days in Peters studio.This greatly inflinced his work and he returned to Japan to learn from his Japanes friend.

Peter Owen painting a Polynesian Pottery

Pearls and Pottery

While visiting the pearl farm you will be able to see their latest collection of pottery, and maybe even see our boat captains Beco, Alfred or Manutea decorating pots while we are waiting for visitors.

Wide range of potteries

Famous glaze

Each piece has it's own character

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